About KBS

The most important step for TUKID to develop the stationery sector, increase intra-sector communication and expand sales volume is the KBS site. KBS is a stationery information system including; barcodes, products codes, product names, tax rates, price lists, recommended retail prices, trade marks, category of export, technical datas, weights, images, Customs tariff statistical position of all stationery products.



Which business lines are in the system

Retail Stationers




*Consumers will benefit from the system once the recommended retail prices have been completed.


How the system works?

The system works with the membership system from www.kirtasiyebs.com internet address. Once the users complete their membership information, they are approved by the system and they can use. Once logged into the system, it can be easily used with the help of menus and options.




What can I do with KBS?

Retail and wholesalers; they can access the desired product information through the search engine. They can see the old prices.


Manufacturers and importers have a special management panel. With this panel, they can update their product information and their visuals.




Which modules are involved?

There are search engine, product groups, supplier companies, product brands and price list modules.



Why KBS?

To keep up with latest prices and old prices online,

To see which product groups are in which brands and suppliers,

To learn which product export which category,

Which product should be used to see the GTIP(HS CODE)



How long is the information updated?


The information is updated within 5-10 minutes as soon as the data is transmitted from importers and manufacturers.


What should be considered to use the system efficiently?

Product information must not be submitted incompletely by supplier companies.


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