The first steps in founding the All Stationery Association (Tüm Kırtasiyeciler Derneği- TÜKİD) were taken when, in 1982, seven businessmen in Tahtakale announced lists of protested promissory notes and dishonoured checks to their industries with the aim of supporting the market.

It was first established under the name of “İstanbul Kırtasiye İmalatçıları, İthalatçıları ve Toptancıları Dayanışma Derneği” (Istanbul Stationery Manufacturers, Importers and Wholesalers Cooperation Association) on 16 December 1985. The members of the first board of directors were Zihni ALATAŞ (Chairman), M. Emin ŞAHİN (Vice-Chairman), Yerli KARACA (Secretary General), Mehmet TEKİN (Treasurer) and Necdet GÜLER (Member) and the office at Tahtakale Vakıf Han No:712 was leased as the association headquarters.

The association, for a period of time, solely published the lists of protested promissory notes and dishonoured checks as a bulletin for its members, which was named “Black List” and, in the meantime, endeavoured to act in line with the requests and requirements of its members by holding meetings. Its first General Assembly was held on 31 January 1987 after which the same board of directors remained except for the Chairman who was replaced by Hüseyin KILIÇARSLAN. Moreover, in this first general assembly it was decided to accept the Anatolian wholesalers as honorary members.

During the same years, the lists that had previously been sent to the members were compiled in a booklet and forwarded to the members as a yearbook. A catalogue with ads of stationery wholesalers were also sent to the members. At this period, joint ventures were conducted with the Publishers Association and the Association of Notebook Producers.

Our Association has undertaken major social responsibility projects as from the date of its establishment and has set an example for many institutions. The Association, in a kindred spirit, has collected donations for the disadvantaged during the social unrest in Bulgaria and has ensured their delivery to the needy through Milliyet Newspaper. Moreover, it has collected donations to ease the pain of those who suffered at the Erzincan earthquake and has ensured their delivery through the TRT (Turkish Radio and Television) General Management. Various school stationery were sent through the Directorates of National Education to be distributed to the students of the earthquake region.

Having shown an exemplary stance with these social welfare works, the number of the members of our association has increased and an automated system has been installed at the association centre. An Agreement has been signed with the ‘Eren Tanıtım‘ fair organization company to support the organization of related fairs.

According to the statute renewed in 2000, the name of the association was changed to “TÜKİD”. The Association held its First Stationery General Assembly on 10 May 2000 and all the mınutes of the assembly was compiled in a booklet. From then on, through various surveys, the association continued with its endeavours at a fast pace in compliance with the requests and requirements of its members.

The association was named “All Stationery Association” in accordance with its renewed statute dated 28 February 2013.