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The All Stationery Association (Tüm Kırtasiyeciler Derneği-TÜKİD), gathers all our exporter, importer, manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer members dealing in the business of stationery products and their accessories, basic consumption goods in our country and across the world, and aims to serve in uniting their know-how and their work.

Our association has endeavoured to strengthen the position of the stationery sellers and the stationery industry in Turkey since its initial establishment and has taken the necessary steps to realise its goal with confidence and courage. By encouraging solidarity and cooperation between its members, its aim is to contribute to the economy of Turkey with profitable business activities for the country and the members in all areas of the industry. Striving to create an effective working environment in local and international platforms, our association has taken serious steps to make the Turkish stationery industry a centre of attraction in its region.

TÜKİD has always supported its members, including manufacturers, wholesalers, exporters, importers and retailers, in finding solutions to industry related issues they have encountered or may encounter. Committed to a service concept with professional ethical values, TUKİD strives to maximize its relations with all major institutions and organizations and in particular with non-governmental institutions. Its goal is to use its resources for the satisfaction of its members and the society, for a transparent management and to produce new projects for the creation of new resources if required. The aim of these projects is to remove threats to the health and welfare of the society.

Following the international, regional and national developments related with the industry, TÜKİD informs its members and implements applications that deal with the root of the problems and structures the future of the stationery industry.

TÜKİD has undertaken the major tasks of settling disputes that may arise between its members by maintaining their cooperation, setting the professional and ethical principles of the industry and applying quality rules within and outside business life to rise beyond targeted standards of quality.


 TUKİD, the strongest non-governmental organization of the stationery sector…

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Mission & Vision


Following all issues within the industry with a commitment to democracy and universal principles; and respecting initiative and intellectual freedom with a view that the manufacturers, exporters, importers, wholesalers and businessmen of the stationery industry are a group of entrepreneurs and pioneers of the Turkish society.

Working to strengthen the competitive power of the Turkish home, school and office stationery and service segment to gain a prominent status in the international economic system with the target of international integration.

Supporting policies that aim the establishment of a liberal economy in the Turkish stationery industry as well as the most effective utilisation of the human and other resources of the industry supported by technological inventions; and increasing the competitive power by contriving an environment that will sustain productivity and quality improvement.

Contributing to the establishment of the legal and institutional infrastructure of the stationery industry in the market economy and to the application of universal codes of conduct in the business activities of the stationery industry.

Communicating all the opinions and suggestions within the industry directly to all the stakeholders of the manufacturers, exporters, importers, wholesalers and retailers of the stationery industry, to international institutions and to the public through the press.
Implementing an intellectual and operational unity within the industry for the above purposes.Representing our members in all platforms and contributing to the development of business and relationships within the industry.

Taking steps for the realization of the aim of making Turkey and the Turkish stationery industry the centre of the neighbouring countries. Holding this item consistently on our agenda and being the authority to take action if needed.

Representing our members in all platforms and contributing to the development of business and relationships within the industry.

Holding a fair that fully reflects the qualities of such a Centre. To this end, convening firstly all the manufacturers and companies of the neighbouring countries as participants at the fair, and organising a fair in which participation shall be considered “an absolute must” by the companies in our region.

Safeguarding companies that have invested in their trademark and products and acquired their legal rights against counterfeit products.

Expressing in our Magazine that counterfeiting is harmful for us in the long run and that it cripples the intellectual production of trademarks and industrial design in Turkey.

Creating synergy within our activities so that our industry has one single voice instead of diverse ideas, and acts as a democratic, broad based entity.


To become a global leader and exemplary organisation by working effectively and extensively, both in Turkey and abroad, with the aim of structuring and developing the Turkish stationery industry on behalf of all its stakeholders.


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